A contact (i.e. person and his information) belonging to the directory


uid The unique identifier of this contact
branch_uid The unique identifier of the branch which the contact belongs to
name The last name of this contact
first_name The first name of this contact
default_number The primary number of this contact
work_number The work number of this contact
work_speed_number The speed number of this contact's work number
mobile_number The mobile number of this contact
mobile_speed_number The speed number of this contact's mobile number
home_number The home number of this contact
home_speed_number The speed number of this contact's home number
email The email address of this contact
company The name of this contact's company
job The title of this contact's job
address The address of this contact
zipcode The ZIP code of this contact's address
city The city of this contact's address
country The country of this contact's address